What is Magic and why should I use it?

What is Magic?

Magic is a developer SDK that you can integrate into your application to allow users to authenticate without a password.

To signup or login to your application:
  1. User requests a one-time passcode sent to their email address
  2. User enters that passcode into the application
  3. User is securely logged into the application

Users can also one-click sign on with social providers (like Google, Facebook, GitHub, Apple) or log in with biometrics via WebAuthn.

Example (with code):

Guides: https://magic.link/guides
Docs: https://docs.magic.link/

Why use it?

  • With Magic you can build auth in minutes, not months.
  • No need to secure and manage user passwords.
  • Complete control over your UI.
  • Flexibility to manage your own user sessions.
  • Lightweight sdk.
  • Improved conversion rates. Source
  • Increased security - 59% of people use the same password for every site. Source
  • No more password reset tickets to deal with. Source