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You're sunsetting Test API keys?

Support for testnet keys ends on February 11, 2022.

From <Magic SDK v7.0.0>, we combined testnet API key functionality into live API keys to help simplify and make the Web3 developer experience better.

What’s next?

  • You can now use live API keys for both mainnet and testnets.
  • When transacting on testnets, specify the testnet you want in the <options.network> parameter when you initialize the Magic SDK.
  • We recommend you create separate apps for test vs. production user logins.
  • If you have testnet assets that you'd like to keep, be sure to upgrade to <Magic SDK v7.0.0> and use the period until February 11th to transfer them to your new testnet addresses. You can obtain a new testnet address by authenticating with your live API key. Note that your testnet and live wallet addresses will differ.

For specific questions or guidance on your use case, please message us via chat for further support.